Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A polar bear tale

Up in Norway, in the midnight sun, a polar bear stopped me on the street and said:
Once upon a time man used to tell fairytales about trolls with seven heads and white bears. Now I want revenge.

In the ocean, near your doorstep in Bergen, you can take a look at about hundred tons of mercury in a wrecked German submarine from World War II. Waiting for a new Minamata disaster? And in my environment the food is so toxic that I now hardly can reproduce myself.

Norway is a sick nation.
Who are the parents of most of the health problems?
In my opinion the mother is synergy effects from multiple poisoning, dominated by mercury.
And the father is a troll with at least seven testicles, carrying his head under his arm.

In your childhood such trolls had only two testicles, ordinary electro smog and radio smog.
But to day you have to add, at least, TV, cell phones, digital (DECT) phones, phone masts, pulsing information, WiFi and TETRA. And don’t forget that many people sit on “antennae-chairs” when typing on the computer.

This great potency can result in many children with names as multiple sclerosis, Bekhterew, ALS, ME and so on.

Dear Mr. Bear
If we put all these children in a bin, what shall we call the bin?
Because mercury (Hg) is the dominating poison you can call it EMF/Hg-syndrome and make it your trade mark.